UK Deck Cadet, Isabelle Black

UK Deck Cadet, Isabelle Black, joined the Pan Americas in Quintero, Chile in June 2021

Joining a busy LNG vessel would be a daunting first experience for most, but our onboard Team were able to ensure a positive, valuable experience: 

“All the officers contributed to my development by allowing me to gain a sense of responsibility and confidence whether it be carrying out a navigational watch, working on deck or during cargo/ ballast operations. They provided me with enough supervision to carry out a job safely but also allowed me to think for myself and develop decision making skills I can utilise when becoming a Deck Officer at sea in the very near future”. 

We know that the Cadet experience should be vast and varied and that’s why our Team never limit their knowledge sharing to the basics, as Cadet Black learned first-hand: 

“Not only did I feel supported by all of the Deck Officers and crew when I arrived onboard, but Officers and crew from the Engineering department were also keen to involve me in other operations taking place. This included the Engine Room and Cargo Operations in order to support my training. I feel this helped my development massively”

And at the end of her first trip, Cadet Black talked candidly about those experiences that will last a lifetime: 

“For me, one of the most valuable parts of [a life at sea] is the diverse experiences, including multiple ocean passages, transiting Malacca Strait, Suez Canal (north and southbound) and Çanakkale Strait, to name just a few”.